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We appear to be in the middle of a transition period in the software design industry. Companies are realizing the importance of a solid software design/system model and spending the time and money to do it right. And a good design will save you save you money in the long run by making the system easily expandable, easily customizable and data easily available.

However, the time it takes to put together a quality software system is usually a long process. This is do in large part to changing requirements, unrealistic expectations and scope creep. With all the technological advances that have been made, projects still seem to fall way behind on budget and schedule. That is why - today it is even more important that companies establish relationships with consulting firms they can trust.

XBS was established to address the needs that are listed above. We have established the reputation for providing:

  • Honest Expectations and Estimates
  • Top Quality Software Desgign
  • Projects completed under budget
  • Projects completed ahead of schedule

At XBS, We don't neccessarily ascribe to the what is sometimes called "Waterfall" method of project management, used by most other companies (Planning, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Integration). But we prefer to use a method of development called SCRUM development which is a brand of Object Oriented Analysis and Design - See Page on Project Management.

We will find the best solution(s) for you, irregardless of hardware, software or platform. Contact us today to setup a free consultation.

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